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Patents? Of course not!

Während hierzulande an Softwarepatenten gedoktert wird, wollen
sich nicht einmal mehr Hardwarehersteller die "innovationsfördernde"
Wirkung von Patenten zu eigen machen.  Slashdot:

    chrisr was the first of many to tell us that less than a week after
    the BBC reported Bell Labs had developed a 50 nanometer transistor,
   researchers at the University of California at Berkeley have announced
    an 18 nanometer transistor. Best of all, the team has decided to not
        patent the design, hoping it will lead to faster acceptance.
   The prototype was successfully fabricated last July and shows good
   performance characteristics, Hu said. No patent has been taken on the
   "We made the decision not to patent," Hu said. "We want the widest
   possible usage. We hope this becomes a mainstream transistor structure
   in the future."