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Re: Cookies und Datenschutz

Hary Tihomirov <verkauf@schlaufuchs.de> wrote:
> Johannes Ulbricht schrieb:
>>Ich finde allerdings, dass Cookies ein relativ kleines Problem darstellen, 
> das sehe ich aber ganz anders. 

Ich auch:

hm@seneca:~ > ls -ld .netscape/cookies 
d---------   2 root     root         1024 Aug  7 16:34 .netscape/cookies

Da kann der Browser machen, was er will. 

As with most fine things, chocolate has its season.  There is a simple
memory aid that you can use to determine whether it is the correct time
to order chocolate dishes: any month whose name contains the letter A,
E, or U is the proper time for chocolate.
		-- Sandra Boynton, "Chocolate: The Consuming Passion"