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[FYI] Cyber anarchists fail to rock City

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Posted 01/12/99 1:01pm by Tim Richardson

Cyber anarchists fail to rock City  

The City of London escaped a major cyber attack yesterday despite 
fears that the financial centre was the focus of an orchestrated 
assault by disaffected hackers.  

While anarchists demonstrating against capitalism trashed Seattle and 
parts of London, a similar onslaught against computer systems failed 
to materialise. However, there were isolated reports of cyber 
vandalism and incidents where sites were overloaded with users.  

Kevin Black, sales and marketing director at Internet Security 
Systems (ISS) UK, would not disclose exactly which companies were 
targeted. But he did confirm that there was some online activity 
although nothing on the scale of similar demonstrations earlier this 

"There were some incidents of cyber vandalism, rather than cyber 
crime, and on  Monday night we experienced some probing attacks," 
said Black.  


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