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[FYI] EU-Neusprech: "Coregulation"


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EU commissioner pushing for Net self-regulation  

     By Bloomberg News
     Special to CNET News.com
     November 30, 1999, 10:20 a.m. PT 

BRUSSELS--European Union Telecommunications Commissioner Erkki 
Liikanen said he plans to propose guidelines by next April for 
businesses to set up ways to self-regulate the Internet.  

Government action is necessary in some areas such as copyright 
protection and liability, he said. But in other cases, governments 
should leave it to businesses to come up with ways to manage the 
Internet, he added. Such self-regulation could involve ways for 
consumers and companies to resolve disputes out of court.  

"We should have regulation where it's necessary, and where it's not 
necessary we can trust self-regulation," Liikanen said after meeting 
with EU telecommunications ministers. He called his approach 


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