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[FYI] European Commission - Development: The Commission and non-governmental organisations: Building a stronger partnership


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Civil Society, good governance, and Decentralised Co-operation  

The DG Development's current Mission Statement on Civil Society, good 
governance, and Decentralised Co-operation is  

To support and reinforce the role of decentralised actors in the EU's 
development co-operation with developing countries, in particular 
through cofinancing of NGO activities To support and reinforce 
partnership between civil society in Europe and civil society in 
developing countries  

What do we do?  

Develop policy on the role of civil society  


Manage the NGO cofinancing budget line for operations in developing 
countries and for public awareness in Europe  


Manage the budget line for decentralised co-operation  

Who's who? Organisation chart of the unit  

How to contact us  

DG Development/A/4  

200 rue de la Loi  

B-1049 Brussels  

Fax: 299 28 47  

For enquiries on the status of financing requests already submitted, 
requests for documents and general enquiries :  

                   Help-line telephone   :    299 69 11

                   e-mail   :   dev-civsoc@cec.eu.int

---------------------------- CUT ----------------------------------