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[fwd] Awareness Information meeting - Brussels, 27 January 2000 (from: Richard.SWETENHAM@cec.eu.int)


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Subject: Awareness Information meeting - Brussels, 27 January 2000

Awareness measures to inform parents and all people dealing with children
(teachers, social workers) on the best way (including technical aspects) to
protect minors against exposure to content that could be harmful to their
development are an important part of the Action plan on promoting safer use of
the Internet. 

The Commission is organising an Awareness Information day in Brussels on 27
January 2000. The purpose of this meeting is to:

- inform participants of the results of the preparatory action on awareness

- hear from projects already under way or planned in Member States 

- explain the ways in which awareness activities can benefit from support at EU

- get feedback to the Commission from meeting participants 

- stimulate the formation of consortia to present projects under the 2000 call
for proposals.

A new call will be published in March 2000 for proposals which will identify
multiplier organisations and the most appropriate channels, media and content to
reach the target audience, prepare basic material, adapt it for linguistic and
cultural specificities and prepare an implementation plan. Community co-funding
of 50% is available. 

More details and online registration at

Deutsche Fassung http://www.qlinks.net/iap/infodayformde.html

version franšaise http://www.qlinks.net/iap/infodayformfr.html

Interpretation at the meeting requested in English, French, German, Italian and
Spanish. Background information available in all official Community languages.

Richard Swetenham
European Commission 
Information Society DG
Information Society Technologies: Content, Multimedia Tools and Markets
Management of information and content, including the Action Plan on illegal and
harmful content on the Internet

Phone: +352 4301 32400 Fax: +352 4301 38099
e-mail: richard.swetenham@cec.eu.int * new e-mail address 
http://www.qlinks.net http://www.echo.lu/legal http://www.echo.lu/iap

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