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[FYI] (Fwd) [PGP]: PGP Granted Worldwide Export License

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Subject:        	[PGP]: PGP Granted Worldwide Export License

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PGP Encryption Software Granted Worldwide Export License As Part of
Landmark Decision

U.S. Government Grants License for International Sales Of World's Most
Widely Deployed Encryption Products

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Dec. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Network Associates, Inc.
(Nasdaq: NETA) today announced that it has been granted a full license
by the U.S. Government to export its market-leading PGP encryption
software, ending a decades-old ban on the export of strong encryption
products. The license, effective immediately, allows Network
Associates, the world's largest security software company (IDC
Research, 1999) to export its full strength PGP encryption software to
virtually all countries worldwide without restriction. Worldwide
availability of strong encryption is widely seen as a necessity for
enabling trusted e-business transactions over the Internet.

``PGP encryption has always been a flagship technology -- the first
mass-distributed encryption software, the first to be sold by an
overseas subsidiary, and now the first to be available for sale from
the U.S. directly to overseas customers,'' said Kelly Blough, director
of government relations for Network Associates. ``We are pleased with
the U.S. Government's decision to grant this license independently of
the new crypto regulations, so Network Associates can point the way
for other American companies in the drive to help shape e-commerce

Network Associates acquired Phil Zimmermann's PGP, Inc. in 1997 and
offers the company's PGP encryption and authentication technology
today in several consumer and enterprise-class products. PGP Data
Security secures all email, disk, file and network communications
between businesses. The standalone PGP VPN application offers a fully
standards-compliant virtual private network client that enables remote
users to securely access corporate networks over the public Internet,
saving companies as much as 80 percent on remote dial-up costs.

IDC Research recently named Network Associates as the world's leading
encryption software vendor, as well as the largest overall security
software vendor (including firewall, antivirus, and VPN). As demand
for seamless security to enable trusted e-business relationships
grows, the worldwide market for security software is projected to grow
to $8.3 billion in 2003. This relaxation of export regulations allows
U.S. based companies for the first time to compete globally in the
race to secure the planet with easy-to-use, deploy, and manage
encryption software to enable trusted transactions.

``This decision further establishes the PGP product line as a true
worldwide standard for enabling secure e-business,'' said Mona Doss,
senior product manager for PGP. ``Thanks to this export license, the
PGP product line can now be easily used to secure data both within and
between businesses almost anywhere in the world.''

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