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[FYI] Internet Tax Proponents Claim Public Support

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Internet Tax Proponents Claim Public Support 

By Robert Conlin  

E-Commerce Times  

December 15, 1999  

As the third meeting of the Advisory Commission on Electronic 
Commerce (ACEC) wraps up today in San Francisco, California, a group 
of brick-and-mortar retailers is claiming that a recent national poll 
indicates that more than 60 percent of respondents believe that 
online retailers should be subject to the same taxes as their offline 

According to the e-Fairness Coalition, 63 percent of the 600 people 
polled said that the tax levels should be equal for both types of 
businesses, and 71 percent said that they would not change their 
shopping habits if existing tax laws were applied to online 

The coalition did not indicate what percentage of the respondents 
have shopped online.  


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