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[FYI] Bull warns against international e-commerce regulation


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Bull warns against international e-commerce regulation  

 Wed, 06 Oct 1999 14:27:33 GMT
 Jane Wakefield

A new report on electronic commerce calls for the introduction of a 
specific international body for e-trade issues  

Traditional attempts to regulate the Internet will fail, according to 
a report today from IT group Bull.  

The report -- Global Regulation of E-commerce -- warns that 
international regulatory bodies can not adapt quickly enough to 
respond to the fast moving requirements of e-commerce. It 
acknowledges that individual governments' jurisdiction over tax, data 
protection and consumer rights are being eroded by the Internet, and 
calls for a separate international body to be set up to deal 
specifically with the issues facing e-traders.  

The United Nations, the World Trade Organisation and the European 
Commission are all currently involved in drawing up regulations for e-
commerce. One of the most worrying factors affecting e-commerce firms 
is recent draft legislation from the EC which could require e-traders 
to comply with the national laws of all 15 member states in 
litigation cases. Campaigners say this could seriously hinder 
electronic commerce and lead to a trade dispute with the US.  


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