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[FYI] Bill Would Outlaw Internet Drug Information


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Bill Would Outlaw Internet Drug Information  

Critics Say Measure Violates Free-Speech Rights  

Dec. 20, 1999  

By David Noack  

WASHINGTON (APBnews.com) -- The days of ordering bongs and pipes and 
other drug paraphernalia online, getting information on the medical 
uses of marijuana or instructions on growing hemp may go up in smoke 
if lawmakers have their way.  

A bill passed by the Senate in November seeks to make it illegal to 
provide any information online about marijuana. The measure also 
would increase penalties for drugs classified as methamphetamines, 
which go by street names such as "speed," "meth," "crank," "crystal-
meth" and "glass."  

Free-speech advocates say the proposed law banning marijuana  
information violates the First Amendment.  


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