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List information

Welcome to <icann-europe@fitug.de>.

This mailing list is intended for discussions about and with the
European candidates for the membership-nomination.  The list is not
moderated. The list's language is English.  Contributions should be
kept polite; please avoid unnecessary flammage.

Candidates for member-nomination are asked to send a short message
about themselves, and their goals as they join.  Please _do_ _not_
just repost what's on the ICANN web site, but give us some material
for discussion.

Messages to the list should be sent to <icann-europe@fitug.de>.

In order to leave this mailing list, please send a message
containing the words "unsubscribe icann-europe" to


	- http://www.fitug.de/icann-europe/ - the list's archive.
	- http://members.icann.org/nom/cp/EU.html - the list of
 	  European candidates for member-nomination.

Thanks for joining,

the list management.