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Re: Elections/Endorsements

Dear Marc, dear Thomas:

We should not reduce the number of candidates.
Freedom needs choices.

Regarding the IT knowledge needed, Thomas,
there are enough experts on the board already
and on the committees.

Now we need the users represented.

Andreas Fuegner

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Von: Thomas Themel <thomas@themel.com>
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Datum: Samstag, 12. August 2000 20:58
Betreff: Re: Elections/Endorsements

>On Sat, 12 Aug 2000 18:44:19 +0200 (MEST), you wrote:
>> For the moment I would like to suggest that we try to reduce the number
>> European candidates. There are too many. Nobody will end up on the
>> if endorsements are distributed among so many candidates.
>Is there a way to see ICANN membership counts so we can approximate the
>count of endorsements that is needed to end up on the ballot?
>Also, if the number of nominees who get beyond 2% or 20 votes (I guess 2%
>is the relevant number here) goes above the two available places, will
>ICANN resolve it in the manner one would anticipate (candidates with most
>endorsements go in)?
>> * Users should not be represented on ICANN's board by a Telecom executive
>> or an official of a registry, ISP and the like.
>While I think your other ideas worth pursuing, I think we will have a
>problem here. ICANN directors will have to decide technical problems that
>require a certain knowledge of the way the internet works today. Most
>people who actually understand the complex background processes going on
>in the net (routing issues come to my mind) will be somehow associated
>with an ISP or a similar service simply because you never get to
>practically toy with such problems if you don't run a major network
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