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Re: Elections/Endorsements

On Sat, 12 Aug 2000, Thomas Themel wrote:

> Marc wrote 
> > * Users should not be represented on ICANN's board by a Telecom executive
> > or an official of a registry, ISP and the like.
> While I think your other ideas worth pursuing, I think we will have a
> problem here. ICANN directors will have to decide technical problems that
> require a certain knowledge of the way the internet works today. Most
> people who actually understand the complex background processes going on
> in the net (routing issues come to my mind) will be somehow associated
> with an ISP or a similar service simply because you never get to
> practically toy with such problems if you don't run a major network
> connection.

I do not think every board member should be an expert on routing. Basic
knowledge is necessary. But then we would like to have people who are
knowledgeable in the different fields ICANN is working in, not just
routing. Despite repeated protestattions that it is only doing technical
things, ICANN's activities include web politics, freedom of speech
issues and the like.

Just think of the UDRP...

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