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Re: Elections/Endorsements

At 22:51 12.08.00 +0200, Marc Schneiders wrote:
>... ICANN's activities include web politics, freedom of speech
>issues and the like.

Could you explain this? I am not able to find things like this
in any documents or statements from any directors. On the
contrary, in the White Paper you can read:

"The U.S. Government policy applies only to management of
Internet names and adresses and does not set out a system
of Internet "governance". Existing human rights and free
speech protections will not be disturbed and, therefore,
need not to be specifically included in the core principles
for DNS management"

Is it your position to change ICANNs scope? Or are you just
concerned that this could happens and therefore there is
a growing need for participation of "users" (what ever this


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