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Re: Elections/Endorsements

Dear candidates and fellow suscribers,

Thomas Themel wrote:
> Is there a way to see ICANN membership counts so we can approximate the
> count of endorsements that is needed to end up on the ballot?

Currently, 9383 Europeans have activated their membership.
That's 26.1 percent of the total European members.
(If you haven't done it already, activate your membership
at https://members.icann.org/activate.html)

The number of supporters needed is thus currently 188, but
will likely rise to 400-600.

> Also, if the number of nominees who get beyond 2% or 20 votes (I guess 2%
> is the relevant number here) goes above the two available places, will
> ICANN resolve it in the manner one would anticipate (candidates with most
> endorsements go in)?

No. I'm almost certain the number of nominees with more than 
2 percent supporters is higher than two, but this is how it
is designed. 

So I agree with Marc Schneiders:
> For the moment I would like to suggest that we try to reduce the number of
> European candidates. There are too many.

Any two or three candidates with similar positions should
*really* consider forming a team with only one candidate,
or else they risk that their vote is split and no one
ends up on the ballot.

Best regards,
/// Alexander

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