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[ICANN-EU] Re: Elections/Endorsements

On Sun, 13 Aug 2000, Alexander Svensson wrote:

> Dear candidates and fellow suscribers,
> Thomas Themel wrote:
> > [...]
> [...]
> No. I'm almost certain the number of nominees with more than 
> 2 percent supporters is higher than two, but this is how it
> is designed. 
> So I agree with Marc Schneiders:
> > For the moment I would like to suggest that we try to reduce the number of
> > European candidates. There are too many.
> Any two or three candidates with similar positions should
> *really* consider forming a team with only one candidate,
> or else they risk that their vote is split and no one
> ends up on the ballot.

Anyone who can say that he shares my views as outlined earlier on this
list, and on http://www.abunde.net? In short: UDRP should be thoroughly
reviewed. Random oustings of small people stopped. If ICANN is political,
and it has been the past few years, it should not listen mainly to the IP
and TM lobby. Freedom should be number one on the internet.

I have no problem with a candidate that wants ICANN to be totally
technical. This would, however, imply that he will fight for the
abolishment of UDRP, which is political.

I'd be happy to let someone else do the job, but not a mere techie who
will nod yes at every political proposition put before the board, because
he doesn't find these of importance. And neither someone with ties to
a large company that makes its living from the users, like telecom
companies, or who has other interests (like being an official of a
ccTLD, which are already represented in ICANN's structures) that makes
them unsuitable to represent the *users*.

Marc Schneiders ------- Venster - http://www.venster.nl 
 marc@venster.nl - marc@bijt.net - marc@schneiders.org