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Questions for candidates

Dear candidates and fellow suscribers,

there are three areas which I consider important in 
choosing candidates for member-nomination, and I
would very much like to know the candidates'
position on these topics.

1. Top level domains (TLDs)
Even though the TLD introduction process will commence
before the ICANN At Large election, it is likely to
be one of the core ICANN issues for some time to come.
What is your position on the introduction of new TLDs,
regarding issues such as trademark protection mechanisms,
speed of the addition, chartered vs. non-chartered TLDs?
Are you happy with the way ICANN has handled the matter
until now? Are you happy with the dispute resolution
mechanism UDRP?

2. Political role
There has been a lot of debate on ICANN's current and
future role. Does ICANN or should ICANN have any political
role? Should and can it be prevented from playing such
a role? Is it desirable to have candidates considering
possible political consequences? 

3. Role of the At Large members
There is currently no ICANN decision on the future role
of the At Large membership. It has not even been decided
whether there will be any further direct elections of
ICANN directors by the At Large members. In your opinion,
what role should the At Large members play in the future?
Should they have any role in between the elections and
if so, which?

Best regards,
/// Alexander

PS: Please reply to icann-europe@fitug.de

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