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[ICANN-EU] Re: Questions for candidates

* Alexander Svensson wrote:
>1. Top level domains (TLDs)
>Even though the TLD introduction process will commence before the ICANN At
>Large election, it is likely to be one of the core ICANN issues for some
>time to come. What is your position on the introduction of new TLDs,
>regarding issues such as trademark protection mechanisms, speed of the
>addition, chartered vs. non-chartered TLDs? Are you happy with the way
>ICANN has handled the matter until now? Are you happy with the dispute
>resolution mechanism UDRP?

Not really. The good thing on UDRP is the requirement to show misuse in
order to gain any action against a current domain name holder. The bad thing
is, that this process is not mandantory. Court orders overrules.
(I answered only to new points.)

>2. Political role
>There has been a lot of debate on ICANN's current and future role. Does
>ICANN or should ICANN have any political role? Should and can it be
>prevented from playing such a role? Is it desirable to have candidates
>considering possible political consequences?

As said to a journalist from DLR/DLF a few minutes ago (will broadcast
tomorrow) the political implications are not obvious but they do exists.
What happens if ICANN announces the new ccTLD of Palestina too early?
There are several more timing issues with a high political impact.
OTOH is a single Korea domain enought, if both parties agree that there is
no other Korea? How is responsible for solving problems with .su?

More about my answers tomorrow in the afternoon(?).

>3. Role of the At Large members
>There is currently no ICANN decision on the future role of the At Large
>membership. It has not even been decided whether there will be any further
>direct elections of ICANN directors by the At Large members. In your
>opinion, what role should the At Large members play in the future? Should
>they have any role in between the elections and if so, which?

I do not know what people ICANN@Large consists of. Without a reopening it is
not sensefull to use it for other things than elect some directors now.