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Re: [ICANN-EU] Re: Questions for candidates

On 14 Aug 2000, Lutz Donnerhacke wrote:

> * Alexander Svensson wrote:
> >1. Top level domains (TLDs)
> >Even though the TLD introduction process will commence before the ICANN At
> >Large election, it is likely to be one of the core ICANN issues for some
> >time to come. What is your position on the introduction of new TLDs,
> >regarding issues such as trademark protection mechanisms, speed of the
> >addition, chartered vs. non-chartered TLDs? Are you happy with the way
> >ICANN has handled the matter until now? Are you happy with the dispute
> >resolution mechanism UDRP?
> Not really. The good thing on UDRP is the requirement to show misuse in
> order to gain any action against a current domain name holder. The bad thing
> is, that this process is not mandantory. Court orders overrules.
> (I answered only to new points.)

This is true in theory, not in real life. The ways to rules are
(mis-)applied shows WIPO (which has become the main arbitrator under UDRP)
awarding transfer in many cases where there is no misuse at all. Read
todays (internet) papers about barcelona.com. UDRP is at the moment mainly
a cheap way for large companies to get a domain they want.

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