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my name is Koos van den Hout and I am one of the (many?) self-nominated

You can read the whole why and how from http://idefix.net/~koos/icann.php
which will show you that I am mostly in this from the technical user side
then the political side.

The reasons I decided to start this was because I was pissed at Network

Looking at the site then it was all about 'web addresses' for your
'internet identity' and your 'ebusinness card'. The company responsible
for the maintainance of the master domain name servers for the Internet
was not even calling it 'domain names'.

I saw reports of transfers of domain names between network solutions and
competing registrars go wrong and network solutions going 'oops' and that
was all their help.

And then I found a domain name I really wanted which was to expire two
days later (March 2000 if I recall correctly).
In the months thereafter I found out that network solutions where it was
registered was doing weird stuff with expired domains. Not releasing them.
Planning an auction of expired domains.

So, my original 'thing' was I want the Internet back from the greedy
commercial entities making money and doing lousy service and returned to
technical entities making it run very well and getting paid for that too.

So, I am not big into the political/trademark side of Icann. I know this
is a side that a lot of potential voters are interested in.


                                     Koos van den Hout

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