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Being asked for an introduction, here it comes..


The above is the page where I put information about my intentions
and goals, so there is no need to re-iterate that again.

I'm just going through the list-archives, and a so far I cna see that a
lot of my concerns are shared by other people:

0. is this icann election a democratic process

in itself, yes, however, the full icann nomination process is hardly to be
called democratic :(

1. my icann interests

I think I layed down my interests on my web page, as well as in my
personal statement at the icann's webpage. My major concerns (the reason I
started this) was the inherent un-democratic aspect of icann.

While the internet has been "ruled" in a very undemocratic process so far,
the people doing that were either independent or tried very hard to act
independent of any single group's interests (organization, company, ethnic
groups etc...). This has worked well, mostlys because of trust.

This, however, changes with the new icann board of directors which I
believe are mostly dependent on large companies (they don't try to hide
this, even) - very bad.

2. icann doesn't pay my bills

No, of course not. my bills are paid by my own, independent work as a
consulter and hopefully soon by my own company. The only way to "prove"
that I am independent, however, is only through trust by people who know
me and know my engagement and my alginment.

Interestingly, Thomas Roessler posted this in reference to the dependency

"How can At Large Members be assured that this won't bias your work on the
ICANN board, possibly in a way which is favorable for your employer, but
opposed to users' interests?)"

The above is very large biased towards "bias is bad". While
I think equally I don't think that most netizens think that
way, many (specially the newer ones) might appreciate some big
companies/organizations/countries ruling as much as possible.

Maybe it's time to save the 'net for the people who don't even know they
need to be saved.

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