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Questions to the candidates

To get the discussion running, here are some questions to the
candidates, in addition to the ones Alexander has already asked.

I'm trying to address points which may be important for voters when
trying to decide whom to endorse, and whom not to endorse for the
ballot.  Basically, these are the questions I found unanswered
myself on the ICANN web site.

- You are asking for a nomination for the At Large Elections.  Thus,
  you are most likely claiming that you want to speak up for At
  Large Members', that is netizens', interests in the ICANN Board of
  Directors in some way.

  What are, in your belief, these interests, as far as ICANN's field
  of activity is affected?

- Do you believe there are specific European or national interests
  to be protected at ICANN?  Please try to define these interests,
  and tell us what you think about them.

- ICANN doesn't pay your bills.  Could you elaborate a bit on your
  funding, and how this does (or does not) affect your independence
  from outside influence?

  (For instance, some of you are involved with or employed by large
  telecoms, domain registries or influential interest groups.  How
  can At Large Members be assured that this won't bias your work on
  the ICANN board, possibly in a way which is favorable for your
  employer, but opposed to users' interests?)

We're looking forward for your answers.  

Thank you for participating in this list, and kind regards,

Thomas Roessler                         <roessler@does-not-exist.org>