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[ICANN-EU] Re: questions for candidates

I missed the first train, so I have five minutes.
> > Sorry, but internet kept me buzy for 6 years non stop. I owe my wife
> > a break. Protect my interest in the meanwhile!!!
>Are you sure my interest are yours? If yes, then I will really try to
>protect them!

That's my bet!

> > Cheers. I will miss my train if I keep typing.
>Have a nice time

I will try coming back for the second round. I do apologize to
everyone, but the machine I have my site on went down today.
I have one day work to reshape it. Will do it on the 22...

All this makes me to propose something to all the candidates:
all of us are obviously concerned by the good of the community
and the development of internet. We are going to link ties and
people and press through thatcampaign. A very few will participate
to the ballot (2 of us only in Europe - 3 in N.A - :  ICANN thought
european were not educated enough to be able to chose their

Let not lose this: whatever the result, let convene to stay an
EUROCANN emailing list to watch and influence positively
hte future of Internet. I personnaly do not think the ICANN will
keep its current form for a long. We therefore should be ready.
So I suggest that during this campaign we do not only fight
each other positions, but try also to build an european
consensus. We have quite no chance to be elected (we are
an alibi) but may be we can help building the real ICANN
for the real issues (IP adressing scheme for example).

Once things settle, I will have some propositions to all of
us, so we may make this look alike vote something really
worth for the users.

Now I am gone and I leave that to all of you.