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Re: [ICANN-EU] Re: questions for candidates

Dear Marc:

>And what if I do not like what you sell? And I do not want a (semi-)add
>for your company, which happens to have or wants to have the same name as
>my domain (or something similar, see WIPO) on my index page?
>You take my domain then, right?

        No, then none of the compromises worked. And the trademark owner is
        to persue other venues, or not to.
        It takes both parties to accept the mediation process and the same
        have to accept outcome.

>Some people find it positive, because they get a domain name they want for
>cheap. More and more people come to notice how unfair UDRP turns out to
>work in many (not all!) cases. If you want to laugh, read my parody.

        I did, and it is good.