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Re: questions for candidates

On Sun, 13 Aug 2000 16:38:42 +0200, you wrote:
> UDRP is one way of attempting to solve trademark - domain conflicts. 
> There are many others.
> The domain owner could notify its audience, that it is not the trademark owner
> and that it is not publishing under the trademark. This notice can be given 
> before the domain is entered. 
> It can also be published on other locations of the domain like the menu, the
> header, footer, etc.
> The domain owner could provide one or more links to the internet domain of the
> trademark or the trademark owner. There are various places where one or more 
> links can be placed.

All of your above statements point out that you follow the misconception 
that a domain name is equivalent with the web services provided under it.

While this is a common mistake I do believe a future ICANN director should
have a better understanding of what the DNS does.

My own domain name is used for providing a few mail adresses to family
members and host names for my personal use. While for the uninformed
viewer this domain might seem to be 'unused' (okay, typing www.themel.com
into your browser would show my employer's web page), it is under very
active use.

As Marc Lehmann just pointed out on the list, no one has come up with a
universal definition of 'domain use' and until this is done I think the
UDRP should be exercised very carefully.

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