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questions to the candidates from Thomas

Dear Thomas:
Thanks for your questions as well. Here are your answers.
    re:     users interests, as far as ICANN's field of activity is affected
It is availability, user friendliness, affordability and reliability of service.
    re:    European / national issues
The internet does not know national borders.
ICANN is an entity under the laws of the United States of America
and the State of California.
As long as this does not interfere with its work,
ICANN can remain this way.
If otherwise, ICANN and its belongings should move to another location.
    re:    Funding
I own 50% of a corporation and collect a salary as managing director.
This gives me the opportunity to spend time and money for ICANN.
Our company is not involved in ICANN or another entity of internet management.
We have a homepage for advertising. We do not conduct business on the internet.
Thus, there are no conflicts of interest.

Thanks for your time and effort,
Andreas Fuegner