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[ICANN-EU] Re: Elections/Endorsements

Dear Andreas,

On Sun, 13 Aug 2000, Andreas Fügner wrote:

> Dear Marc:
> Whithout mediation / arbitration the only way is into court.
> Thus, it is positive to have another procedure before hand.

Not per se. Courts do not accept cases so easily as WIPO. Often there
would have been no case, but for WIPO. 

> Please look at the list of cases at WIPO for example. The 
> domains in question and the parties involved give a pretty 
> good idea about the whole issue. And it puts things a little 
> more into perspective.

I have spend some time on the list at WIPO and read a number of the
decisions. I do not deny that there are cases where it was correct to take
a domain from the owner. More often this was not so.

As for perspective: that is exactly what this is all about. I hope you do
not think there is only one, to wit yours. Anyway, your position is now
clear to me. I must have been misled by some of the idealistic words on
your page. I should have given more weight to what you do for a
living: making the companies that have interests in curtailing the free
flow of information happy. I am afraid I am at the other side of the
battle lines. 

Marc Schneiders ------- Venster - http://www.venster.nl 
 marc@venster.nl - marc@bijt.net - marc@schneiders.org