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Re: [icann-eu] Bildt on his timeframe

At 12:05 16/02/01 +0100, Alexander Svensson wrote:
> In the beginning of March, we have the first meeting in 
> Melbourne, Australia, but I had thought to skip this one.
> The next meeting will be in Stockholm in the beginning
> of June, and after that there are meetings in Montevideo
> and Los Angeles before I think we can present a
> fairly thouroughly worked out proposal.
>That Carl Bildt plans not to take part in the Melbourne,
>seems rather strange to me, considering that the
>  Study Committee will present its first preliminary
>  report at the first ICANN meeting in 2001, to be held in 
>  Melbourne, Australia on March 10-13, 2001, including the 
>  Committee's views on the schedule and process which it 
>  thinks are necessary to accomplish its mission [...]
>  (http://www.icann.org/committees/at-large-study/charter-22jan01.htm)

This is worrisome.
Would it be possible that we collect signatures in this forum to persuade
him not to skip Melbourne?

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