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[icann-eu] Bildt on his timeframe

Dear all,

in his Swedish e-mail newsletter, Carl Bildt (heading
the At Large study committee) writes about his meetings 
in Washington concerning the ICANN At Large study.
(You find the subscription info at www.bildt.net)
Bildt stresses that it is going to be a difficult task.

He also writes:
> I början av mars håller vi vårt första sammanträde i Melbourne i
> Australien, men det hade jag tänkt att hoppa över. Nästa
> sammanträde blir det i Stockholm i början av juni, och därefter
> blir det möten i Montevideo och Los Angeles innan jag tror att vi
> i slutet av året kan lämna ifrån oss ett någorlunda genomarbetat
> förslag.

 In the beginning of March, we have the first meeting in 
 Melbourne, Australia, but I had thought to skip this one.
 The next meeting will be in Stockholm in the beginning
 of June, and after that there are meetings in Montevideo
 and Los Angeles before I think we can present a
 fairly thouroughly worked out proposal.

That Carl Bildt plans not to take part in the Melbourne,
seems rather strange to me, considering that the
  Study Committee will present its first preliminary
  report at the first ICANN meeting in 2001, to be held in 
  Melbourne, Australia on March 10-13, 2001, including the 
  Committee's views on the schedule and process which it 
  thinks are necessary to accomplish its mission [...]

Another question is the timing. The NAIS study group intends
to release their *final* report at the Stockholm meeting in
June. Bildt plans another half year.

Best regards,
/// Alexander