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Re: [icann-eu] forum for post election study efforts

Hello Jeanette!

> Is the dormant icann-europe list an appropriate international working forum
> for
> the post election study or should we create a new list? Or does it sound more
> reasonable to create regional lists?

It has been working well in the past, and I hope 
we can keep the noise level down. So I'd agree
with Thomas and Hans: Wake-up time for icann-europe.

> Are there any people on this list who are already working on a post election
> study?

Together with some others, I am working on the
ICANN media coverage in Europe 2000, obviously
focussing on the election (registration, nomination,
voting). I would be very happy to hear from people
in other European countries about their country's
media coverage (and maybe even experiences with
or from journalists covering ICANN) --> svensson@icannchannel.de

Best regards,
/// Alexander