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Re: [icann-eu] [fwd] CA-IDNO Current Status

At 15:28 15/02/01 +0100, Thomas Roessler forwarded some crossposted "gems":

[from a Karl E Peters]
>........Joop has decided to remove all semblance of his
>contribution to the group and has effectively tried to cripple the group
>he started and was asked to step down from leadership of.

Thomas and other recipients of the above, 

The widely crossposted "information" from this Karl Peters, who , together
with William X.Walsh, bears major responsibility for what happened in the
IDNO ,  should not be taken too seriously.

The idno-discuss list still exists, is getting a software (mailman) upgrade
over this weekend, and is waiting to have its management  taken over by
David Farrar.

The archives have always been accessible and still are at

The website has had an unfortunate 24 hour outage, but is now back up.
see www.idno.org

My apologies for intruding with possibly unwanted info here on this
respectable list , but I am not intending to provide a full "meal" , on the
domain-policy list or elsewhere. 
I've been "on the menu" long enough <g>
The archives speak for themselves.

Best regards,

Former bootstrap of the CA/idno
       The Polling Booth