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[icann-eu] [fwd] CA-IDNO Current Status (from: bridge@darientel.net)

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Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 09:10:03 -0500
Subject: CA-IDNO Current Status
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>From darientel.net!bridge Thu Feb 15 17:27:55 2001
Organization: Bridge International Holdings. Inc.
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All recipients of this mail have exhibited recent interest in internet
domain name policy and are thus included in this mailing of a most
substantive news piece.

    Many of you have followed the efforts of the CA-IDNO (Cyberspace
Assoc.- Individual Domain Name Owner's organization / constituency) and
will be interested to know that after about 16 months of near constant
conflict over the leadership style of its bootstrap, Joop Teernstra,
that a major event has occurred.  Mr. Teernstra, finally feeling
pressured to give up the control of the many tools that are used to
control the group he started as a "democratic" representation of
individual domain name owners, has now resigned from the group.

    Instead of simply turning over control of these tools that were
developed for the group and of the website that has chronicled the
history of the group holds much of the critical data such as current
charter and so forth,  Joop has decided to remove all semblance of his
contribution to the group and has effectively tried to cripple the group
he started and was asked to step down from leadership of.

    It should be noted that immediately upon his stepping down,  pleas
were made for him to remain a part of the group, but merely to remove
himself from leadership for one year so the group could learn to
function as other than a private club and have a better chance to truly
represent the class of people known as individual domain name owners. He
has apparently declined.

    If you are still interested in these issues and ran away at some
point, from all the fighting within that group, please return now to a
spirit of hope and cooperation. Even having started another group for
these concerns during the darkest days of the CA/IDNO, I too am throwing
what support I can to help get this effort up and running one more time.
If you have interest protecting and developing the rights of the
individual on the internet, you owe it to your self to come and give
just one more try for an organized approach where issues and not
personalities can be the focus.

    Welcome one and all to write me at idno@bridgecompanies.com if you
will join, either as a participant or an observer. There is a lot of
work to do since Joop took all his toys and went home, but there is also
the new hope of having it count for something without the personality
conflicts that hobbled the original group.

Sincerely yours,

Karl E. Peters

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