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[icann-eu] forum for post election study efforts

Hi everyone,

As the Melbourne meeting comes closer, several groups on several mailing 
lists start to discuss the post election study. 

While I think it is infeasable to form one global group of authors who 
contribute to one study document, it is nevertheless crucial to establish a 
public forum for coordination and debate.  
As suggested by a member of the NCDNHC, we could ask for a working 
group under the umbrella of the DNSO.
A simpler solution would be to use one of the existing mailing lists such as 
icann-europe or to create a new one.  
Despite its name, icann-europe seems suitable to me because we have 
already discussed topics here that need to be addressed by all study efforts. 
Among them are the future role of the At Large Membership as well as forms 
of regional representation and institutionalization. 
It's time now to revive these debates even though the official ICANN committee 
has not come into operation yet. 

Thus my questions are:

Is the dormant icann-europe list an appropriate international working forum for 
the post election study or should we create a new list? Or does it sound more 
reasonable to create regional lists?

Are there any people on this list who are already working on a post election 

regards, jeanette (member of NAIS, NGO and Academic ICANN Study)