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Re: [icann-eu] forum for post election study efforts

I think that icann-europe is a good forum for global coordination of studies.

This is an open list with a better noise-to-signal ratio than most.

Can we cross-post messages from this list to other lists?  If work goes
forward here, I would like to occasionally cross-post updates to the other

Thank you, Jeanette, for initiating this discussion!


At 07:59 PM 2/15/01 +0100, Jeanette Hofmann wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>As the Melbourne meeting comes closer, several groups on several mailing 
>lists start to discuss the post election study. 
>While I think it is infeasable to form one global group of authors who 
>contribute to one study document, it is nevertheless crucial to establish a 
>public forum for coordination and debate.  
>As suggested by a member of the NCDNHC, we could ask for a working 
>group under the umbrella of the DNSO.
>A simpler solution would be to use one of the existing mailing lists such as 
>icann-europe or to create a new one.  
>Despite its name, icann-europe seems suitable to me because we have 
>already discussed topics here that need to be addressed by all study
>Among them are the future role of the At Large Membership as well as forms 
>of regional representation and institutionalization. 
>It's time now to revive these debates even though the official ICANN
>has not come into operation yet. 
>Thus my questions are:
>Is the dormant icann-europe list an appropriate international working
forum for 
>the post election study or should we create a new list? Or does it sound
>reasonable to create regional lists?
>Are there any people on this list who are already working on a post election 
>regards, jeanette (member of NAIS, NGO and Academic ICANN Study)