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Re: [icann-eu] forum for post election study efforts

On 2001-02-15 23:52:55 +0000, Jefsey Morfin wrote:

> the icann-atlarge@yahoogroups.com list started operating as part
> of the WG-Review.

Members of the list: 9.  Most of them "the usual suspects".
Postings since the list was founded: 5 (4 x Jefsey, 1 x Len Lindon).

The three substantial messages on that list were all crossposted or
forwarded to icann-europe.

I'd strongly suggest that, instead of setting up cool TLDs in
alternative roots (so no AOL customer can ever reach us?), or
discussing who can use what domain name for putting documents
online, we try to concentrate on getting something with more
substance done, and on getting some of the expected output from the
post-election study folks discussed.

Waking up icann-europe for this purpose seems to be a very good idea
to me.

Thomas Roessler			    <roessler@does-not-exist.org>