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Re: [icann-eu] forum for post election study efforts

Jefsey and all,

Jefsey Morfin wrote:

> Dear Jeannette,
>  > On 18:59 15/02/01, Jeanette Hofmann said:
>  > Are there any people on this list who are already working on a post
> election
>  > study?
>  > regards, jeanette (member of NAIS, NGO and Academic ICANN Study)
> the icann-atlarge@yahoogroups.com list started operating as part of the
> WG-Review. The http://icann-atlarge.org site is possibly underway.

  Nope it's not yet.  Doesn't resolve anyway....

> The http://icann-fra.org presents a position regarding the study and further
> on by france@large.

  Is this just those @large members in France or for the whole EU?
If the former, than fine, if the latter, than there are some gross
and incorrect conclusions.  Many of our European members are also
@large members as well.  And they have been hammering me in this
regard for some time.  So as their elected spokesman, I think it is
past time to get this out to all of the rest of you.

> Sites http://country.large are foreseen to help the @large movement (the
> large TLD is under way: it should help people knowing about augmented
> root). For the time being the temporary Upper Level Domain ".large.tp" is
> OK for sites at http://country.large.tp.
> The http://icann-atlarge.org site will support the ML and the sites.
> The idea is to support Andy's demand of one @large team/site per
> country and to take advantage from the French france@large experience.
> The http://country.large addressses will be maintained available to a
> small kernel of local people accepting to maintain it on a non partisan
> basis to inform on *everyone* in their country and to serve their national
> @large community rather than to defend their own opinons.

  Shouldn't ccTLD Domain Names be use for this?

> - managing a local ML
> - listing all the @large sites, initiatives, etc...
> - dialoging with the local NIC to better help
> - informing people, press, etc.. about the practical matters
> To help that effort we have started the world@wide foundation to gather
> small non partisan helps and contributions by people, small companies,
> etc...  It is still embryonic. But the idea is to help people coordinating
> without interfering with the coordination.

  "Coordinating without interfering with the coordination?"  Isn't this
a bit of and oxymoron here Jefsey?

> This is what we have been trying doing recently. I hope it may help.

  Not really Jefsey.  It seems to be mostly a creation of confusion.
But you French are that way.  Se la vi, I suppose...  :(

> Jefsey
> Chair, france@large


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