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Re: [icann-eu] Where are the ALM-Directors?

Auerbach, the North-American diretor, raised his voice recently, but I
for one had expected to hear him more often. Our European director is
indeed remarkably silent in public, as far as I can ascertain. 

Even if there were no pressing issues, which there clearly are, as you
show, this is not a good thing for an elected representative in any

And the fact that the concept of the ALM is under 'attack' increases
my dissatistaction. Will anyone fight for keeping people in place that
are invisible?

Marc Schneiders --- http://www.bijt.net/

On Mon, 19 Feb 2001, at 10:44 [=GMT+0100], Christian.Ahlert@sowi.uni-giesse...:

> NSI is selling their whois-data. Isn't privacy a real political issue? 
> Don't we think differently about in Europe compared to the US? An 
> issue that every DN-owner most likely cares about? Do the ALM-
> Directors have something to say about it? Do they get contacted by 
> concerned netizens? Wouldn't it be their responsibility to raise there 
> voices, or should the EC be concerned and formulate those?
> What does it tell us, if they 1) do not get contacted by netizens (they 
> do not have necessarily to be ALM-voters, or not?) and 2) if they do 
> not even have anything to say about it?
> If we come to the conclusion that it would be their responsibility to 
> say something, how should they do it? Via interviews, on ICANNs 
> website, with a collective statement, if they are not allowed to use 
> ICANNs website?
> Lots of questions. But I believe its about time to discuss those, if we 
> want to understand how the ALM should function and if not, why not.
> Best
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