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Re: [icann-eu] Where are the ALM-Directors?

The whole whois scheme should be reviewed.

On 09:44 19/02/01, Christian.Ahlert@sowi.uni-giessen.de said:
>NSI is selling their whois-data. Isn't privacy a real political issue?
>Don't we think differently about in Europe compared to the US? An
>issue that every DN-owner most likely cares about? Do the ALM-
>Directors have something to say about it? Do they get contacted by
>concerned netizens? Wouldn't it be their responsibility to raise there
>voices, or should the EC be concerned and formulate those?
>What does it tell us, if they 1) do not get contacted by netizens (they
>do not have necessarily to be ALM-voters, or not?) and 2) if they do
>not even have anything to say about it?
>If we come to the conclusion that it would be their responsibility to
>say something, how should they do it? Via interviews, on ICANNs
>website, with a collective statement, if they are not allowed to use
>ICANNs website?

What is the interest of the whois apart from knowing who to sue
or who to propose. We basically need two functions:

- is a DN free?
- can you foreward a mail to the owner?

Everything else should be totally confidential.

If there was to be a real disclosure of information on the DN
holdership, that information should be written on purpose by
the owner.

Also, NSI is going to make money on DNs they hi-jacked
and we cannot control anymore: that information is purposedly
false. I have a DN NSI program has wrongly registered (the
city is in the street address) so I cannot transfer it to my
current registrar. I sent many messages they responded 50%
alsways with a prerecorded stupide response. I hoped not
paying it would make it freed so I could register it again.
This makes one year they retain it. Should they distribute
information on me and that DN, I think I would be entitled
to sue them for damages?

>Lots of questions. But I believe its about time to discuss those, if we
>want to understand how the ALM should function and if not, why not.