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Re: [icann-eu] Where are the ALM-Directors?

Hello Christian!

Christian Ahlert  wrote on 19.02.01, 10:44:12:
> NSI is selling their whois-data. Isn't privacy a real political issue?
> Don't we think differently about in Europe compared to the US? 

I should think so. 

MSNBC: "Network Solutions sells its database"
  http://www.msnbc.com/news/531732.asp?0nm=-1AP&cp1=1 and
VeriSign: "Winning With Data From Network Solutions"
EPIC letter to Congress

Some food for thought:
- E.g. the .de registry has removed the phone, fax and email 
  information from the admin-c entries of the .de whois.
  There is also no reverse lookup system.
- E.g. the .tv registry has no open whois database: "Although 
  no purchase is necessary, you must have a .tv account to 
  obtain whois information".
- At the same time, gathering from the presentations at the
  ICANN-Studienkreis in Zürich, some of the new TLDs are
  to get an extended, searchable Whois (I think it's the
  Afilias presentation I have in mind).

> An
> issue that every DN-owner most likely cares about? Do the ALM-
> Directors have something to say about it? Do they get contacted by
> concerned netizens? Wouldn't it be their responsibility to raise there
> voices, or should the EC be concerned and formulate those?

In the discussion list of the DNSO Non-Commercial Domain Name 
Holders Constituency there has been the question whether
current whois policies comply with European data protection law
(asked by Michael Froomkin). 

> What does it tell us, if they 1) do not get contacted by netizens (they
> do not have necessarily to be ALM-voters, or not?) and 2) if they do
> not even have anything to say about it?
> If we come to the conclusion that it would be their responsibility to
> say something, how should they do it? Via interviews, on ICANNs
> website, with a collective statement, if they are not allowed to use
> ICANNs website?

I am indeed a bit disappointed with the amount of 
information from the At-Large directors. While I think
Karl Auerbachs Decision Diary 
contributes to additional transparency and while he has
been responsive to email (even outside his At Large region! ;)),
the others have a bit of catching-up to do. Using a
website for distributing information should be quite
easy, yet...
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I didn't find any candicacy page for Nii Quaynor (except
his CV from 1999).

Best regards,
/// Alexander

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