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Re: [icann-eu] Where are the ALM-Directors?

Dear Giorgio,
On 03:48 22/02/01, Griffini Giorgio said:
>Maybe I was wrong in explaining my position.. I do not support a fully public
>  whois policy. I do support a whois policy that it is enough public to 
> give a
>sure way to reach a domain name registrant but enough 'confidential'  to
>keep sensitive data not exposed (and where what is 'sensitive data' is 
>left on
>registrant choice)

you are back to my initial argument with Thomas. The only things
you ask for are:

1. is the DN free?
2. can the registrar forward a mail to the owner?

This is exactly what a ccTLD like ".ws" provides. This is fully enough
provided someone controls that free DNs are not retained by the
manager to be sold on market auction.

Do we agree?