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Re: [icann-eu] NSI selling data of domain name holders issue

>From: Andy Mueller-Maguhn <andy@ccc.de>
>To: icann-europe@fitug.de
>Subject: [icann-eu] NSI selling data of domain name holders issue
>Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 19:04:44 +0100

>sorry for not always responding on the same day; as you can guess
>it takes some time for me to get an overview.

Naturally. It is great to hear something from you now.

[some legalese quote cut]

>In my opinion of course this policy is a problem, even if it does not 
>the question if NSI has asked itīs customers if they agree to selling their 
>The issue will be discussed in Melbourne in March and Iīd be happy to 
>your thoughts for a better policy.
>If we want to drive ICANN to any change in this, it would be a good idea
>to workout a clear suggestion

How about no automatic and obligatory public whois data? And no selling of 
the data that the registrar obviously needs (but not to publish), say an 
email address to send a reminder if the registration has to be paid for 
again, and some credit card details.
All the rest could be "published" on a voluntary basis. And perhaps people 
could get a discount on the registration fee, if they agree to have these 
data sold in addition to being published.

>and to adress it also to the public. It might
>sound a little heavy, but I donīt think the freedom to the selling of 
>names should be general given.

I do not understand this. Did ICANN not charge $50,000.00 to apply for this 
right to sell domain names?

>So this would mean to clearly take a
>standpoint against registrars who finance the business instead of fees
>by doing so. I my eyes data should be strictly handled for the purpose
>it has been given.

Maybe to solve this whois privacy problem, we should start asking what 
useful and *acceptable* use can, will and should be made of whois data.

Cees Rindmarsch (cees@rindmarsch.com)

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