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Re: [icann-eu] NSI selling data of domain name holders issue

Dear Andy and others!

The minimum rules should be consistent with the Privacy and Data Protection
Guidelines of the Global Business Dialogue on eCommerce. The basic point
here is to differantiate between "sdensitive" and "non-sensitive" data and
then to have on "opt-in" and "opt-out" option. If trhere are sensitive
personal data, the company have to ask the consumer before selling data. In
the non-sensitive area, the company takes the agreement with the consumer
to have the right to sell the data as long as the consumer does not
intervene and asks the company "mnot to sell" her/his personal data.

Such a clause could be incorporated into the contract when a user registers
a name.

see: http://www.gbde.org/nn/2000/privacy.html



>In my opinion of course this policy is a problem, even if it does not answer
>the question if NSI has asked it´s customers if they agree to selling
>their data.
>The issue will be discussed in Melbourne in March and I´d be happy to collect
>your thoughts for a better policy.
>If we want to drive ICANN to any change in this, it would be a good idea
>to workout a clear suggestion and to adress it also to the public. It might
>sound a little heavy, but I don´t think the freedom to the selling of domain
>names should be general given. So this would mean to clearly take a
>standpoint against registrars who finance the business instead of fees
>by doing so. I my eyes data should be strictly handled for the purpose
>it has been given.
>Thanx for your suggestions:
>Andy Mueller-Maguhn, andy@ccc.de, Key ID 331F978, http://www.ccc.de/~andy