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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Limited mandate for interim panel

On Mon, 6 May 2002 16:23:25 -0400, you wrote:

>Our accomplishments will include,
>1.  setting up the mailing lists,
>2.  making decisions on the web page,
>3.  adopting some basic operating proceedures to ensure transparency and to
>ensure consultation with membership (if we in fact do this),
>4.  figuing out what the next election is for.

But our mandate includes getting to the approval of the Bylaws -
that's perhaps the biggest target, and by the way, that's mandatory
before having new elections, unless the term has expired - and even if
the term expires, you should first hold a confirmation vote. In fact,
it is mandatory we produce draft Bylaws by June 27 (two months after
the election). Of course there was no elected panel to approve this
charter so you might question its validity, but that's what was
written in it, approved by the unelected panel, and published before
the elections.

I am taking this chance to repost the charter so that new subscribers
can read it.


Following the discussions on the ALSC Forum list, the icannatlarge.com
website, and other lists, an election for an interim panel for the
icannatlarge.com effort is now starting. 

The purpose is to select a group of members that represent different
views, cultures and geographical areas inside the At Large movement,
have some technical and organizational skills, and are willing to
devote a significant amount of their time to this effort in the next
few months. 


The panel shall be composed of seven members of the icannatlarge.com

The mandate of the panel will be limited to: 

1. guiding an outreach campaign so that the highest possible number of
active users of the Internet who might want to participate in ICANN
are informed of the effort and can register on icannatlarge.com if
they wish, and that the membership grows to a point where it can be
considered sufficiently representative of such users; 

2. guiding the public and open discussion of Bylaws for a new At Large
Membership organization, trying to gather consensus, consider all
inputs, unify all efforts, and put together, after no more than two
months from its election, one or more proposals of Bylaws to be then
submitted and approved by a majority vote of the membership; 

3. establishing a secure voting system for the Bylaws to be approved
and subsequently for the first election of the officers of the new
organization, and managing to hold such two votes before its
expiration term; 

4. managing the icannatlarge.com website, directly and/or by
appointing webmasters. 

The panel shall expire and conclude its work after three months from
its election, or after the officers of the new organization have been
elected, whichever comes first. In case that the officers' election
cannot be held before the expiration date, a general majority vote of
the membership will decide whether to extend the panel's term by three
more months, or to elect a new interim panel according to this
charter. In any case, if at the expiration date there are at least
5000 members, the panel's term cannot be further extended. 


All persons registering on icannatlarge.com before the end of Monday
15 April 2002 (GMT) will be entitled to vote. By April 22 all enrolled
persons will receive by e-mail their login data for the voting system
and the instructions about how to vote. E-mail reminders might be sent
during the voting period. 

Those members who want to nominate other members or second nominations
should post a nomination/second message in the "Nominations" forum on
the website, either directly or by forward by another member, by the
end of Thursday 11 April 2002 (GMT). To be included in the list of the
candidates, nominated members will have to accept the nomination by
posting a message in the "Nominations" forum, or by sending an e-mail
to the interim webmaster, before the end of Monday 15 April 2002

Candidates will be asked to provide details for a candidate page that
will be set up on the site after finalizing the candidate list. A
public debate about the candidates will be hold in the "Elections"
forum of the icannatlarge.com website on April 16-22. The electoral
campaign will then stop. 

Voting will occur between Tuesday 23 and Saturday 27 April 2002 (GMT).


Each voter will be allowed to endorse any number of names taken from
the list of the candidates. Voters should support all candidates that
seem best fit to the position, so that those who seem suitable to most
members will be chosen. Overall results will not be made visible to
voters before the booth is closed. 

The seven candidates who receive the highest number of votes will be
elected, provided that they have received at least 15 votes; if there
are not seven candidates above this threshold, the number of members
of the panel will be reduced accordingly. 

Ties (if any) will be solved by ordering names by the number of
candidates of the same ICANN Region (as amended per ALSC proposal)
that received more votes than the tied ones (the lowest first, so to
help diversity among regions), then the same by country. 

At this stage, it is impossible to provide anything more than a simple
online voting system, or to strictly verify the real identity of the
people who registered. Though we are aware of these problems, we think
that it is necessary to bootstrap this effort to be then able to set
up systems with a higher degree of authentication and security. It is
necessary for all those who participate to trust the current
organizers of the icannatlarge.com effort about the fact that
elections will be conducted in a fair manner. 


The panel will choose, by majority vote, a Chair, with the role of
coordinating the discussion and the meetings. If agreement on a Chair
cannot be reached after seven days from the election, the candidate
that received the highest number of votes will be the Chair. 

All decisions in the panel will be taken by explicit online vote on
the panel mailing list, called by the Chair and lasting at least two
days (unless a final result is reached before). Decisions will by
taken by majority of the non-abstaining votes expressed, provided that
at least five members of the panel expressed a vote. 

If any of the seven seats in the panel becomes vacant (ie because of
resignation, lack of suitable candidates...) it will be filled by the
first non elected candidate from the original election, provided that
he received at least 15 votes. If no suitable candidates are available
from the original election, and the number of remaining members in the
panel is lower than five, a new election will be held to fill the
vacant seat.

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