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[atlarge-discuss] domain name/internet news

Hi all

I'll only do this posting once since it's out of the remit for the
mailing list, but I currently compile an internet news which includes
domain name news (see http://www.alfa-redi.com/noticia). It is a
roundup of news I come across and is updated most weekdays.

However, the news is likely only to continue till around 24 May due
to changes in my employment, and I am searching for ways to continue
it in some form. If there is anybody who would be interested in using
such a news service as an addition to their web site, or as a
enewsletter to clients etc, please get in touch with me to discuss
possibilities and costs.


David Goldstein
post: 82 Kingston Road, Coventry CV5 6LR, UK
email: Goldstein_David@yahoo.com.au
phone: +44 24 7667 7226 (home) +44 7786 704 887 (mobile)

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