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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Limited mandate for interim panel

Vittorio and all stakeholders or interested parties,

Vittorio Bertola wrote:

> On Mon, 6 May 2002 16:23:25 -0400, you wrote:
> >Our accomplishments will include,
> >
> >1.  setting up the mailing lists,
> >2.  making decisions on the web page,
> >3.  adopting some basic operating proceedures to ensure transparency and to
> >ensure consultation with membership (if we in fact do this),
> >4.  figuing out what the next election is for.
> But our mandate includes getting to the approval of the Bylaws -
> that's perhaps the biggest target, and by the way, that's mandatory
> before having new elections, unless the term has expired - and even if
> the term expires, you should first hold a confirmation vote. In fact,
> it is mandatory we produce draft Bylaws by June 27 (two months after
> the election). Of course there was no elected panel to approve this
> charter so you might question its validity, but that's what was
> written in it, approved by the unelected panel, and published before
> the elections.

  Good point here.  Perhaps it is time to have a members vote
on the charter.

> I am taking this chance to repost the charter so that new subscribers
> can read it.
> Following the discussions on the ALSC Forum list, the icannatlarge.com
> website, and other lists, an election for an interim panel for the
> icannatlarge.com effort is now starting.
> The purpose is to select a group of members that represent different
> views, cultures and geographical areas inside the At Large movement,
> have some technical and organizational skills, and are willing to
> devote a significant amount of their time to this effort in the next
> few months.
> The panel shall be composed of seven members of the icannatlarge.com
> effort.
> The mandate of the panel will be limited to:
> 1. guiding an outreach campaign so that the highest possible number of
> active users of the Internet who might want to participate in ICANN
> are informed of the effort and can register on icannatlarge.com if
> they wish, and that the membership grows to a point where it can be
> considered sufficiently representative of such users;
> 2. guiding the public and open discussion of Bylaws for a new At Large
> Membership organization, trying to gather consensus, consider all
> inputs, unify all efforts, and put together, after no more than two
> months from its election, one or more proposals of Bylaws to be then
> submitted and approved by a majority vote of the membership;
> 3. establishing a secure voting system for the Bylaws to be approved
> and subsequently for the first election of the officers of the new
> organization, and managing to hold such two votes before its
> expiration term;
> 4. managing the icannatlarge.com website, directly and/or by
> appointing webmasters.
> The panel shall expire and conclude its work after three months from
> its election, or after the officers of the new organization have been
> elected, whichever comes first. In case that the officers' election
> cannot be held before the expiration date, a general majority vote of
> the membership will decide whether to extend the panel's term by three
> more months, or to elect a new interim panel according to this
> charter. In any case, if at the expiration date there are at least
> 5000 members, the panel's term cannot be further extended.
> All persons registering on icannatlarge.com before the end of Monday
> 15 April 2002 (GMT) will be entitled to vote. By April 22 all enrolled
> persons will receive by e-mail their login data for the voting system
> and the instructions about how to vote. E-mail reminders might be sent
> during the voting period.
> Those members who want to nominate other members or second nominations
> should post a nomination/second message in the "Nominations" forum on
> the website, either directly or by forward by another member, by the
> end of Thursday 11 April 2002 (GMT). To be included in the list of the
> candidates, nominated members will have to accept the nomination by
> posting a message in the "Nominations" forum, or by sending an e-mail
> to the interim webmaster, before the end of Monday 15 April 2002
> (GMT).
> Candidates will be asked to provide details for a candidate page that
> will be set up on the site after finalizing the candidate list. A
> public debate about the candidates will be hold in the "Elections"
> forum of the icannatlarge.com website on April 16-22. The electoral
> campaign will then stop.
> Voting will occur between Tuesday 23 and Saturday 27 April 2002 (GMT).
> Each voter will be allowed to endorse any number of names taken from
> the list of the candidates. Voters should support all candidates that
> seem best fit to the position, so that those who seem suitable to most
> members will be chosen. Overall results will not be made visible to
> voters before the booth is closed.
> The seven candidates who receive the highest number of votes will be
> elected, provided that they have received at least 15 votes; if there
> are not seven candidates above this threshold, the number of members
> of the panel will be reduced accordingly.
> Ties (if any) will be solved by ordering names by the number of
> candidates of the same ICANN Region (as amended per ALSC proposal)
> that received more votes than the tied ones (the lowest first, so to
> help diversity among regions), then the same by country.
> At this stage, it is impossible to provide anything more than a simple
> online voting system, or to strictly verify the real identity of the
> people who registered. Though we are aware of these problems, we think
> that it is necessary to bootstrap this effort to be then able to set
> up systems with a higher degree of authentication and security. It is
> necessary for all those who participate to trust the current
> organizers of the icannatlarge.com effort about the fact that
> elections will be conducted in a fair manner.
> The panel will choose, by majority vote, a Chair, with the role of
> coordinating the discussion and the meetings. If agreement on a Chair
> cannot be reached after seven days from the election, the candidate
> that received the highest number of votes will be the Chair.
> All decisions in the panel will be taken by explicit online vote on
> the panel mailing list, called by the Chair and lasting at least two
> days (unless a final result is reached before). Decisions will by
> taken by majority of the non-abstaining votes expressed, provided that
> at least five members of the panel expressed a vote.
> If any of the seven seats in the panel becomes vacant (ie because of
> resignation, lack of suitable candidates...) it will be filled by the
> first non elected candidate from the original election, provided that
> he received at least 15 votes. If no suitable candidates are available
> from the original election, and the number of remaining members in the
> panel is lower than five, a new election will be held to fill the
> vacant seat.
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