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[atlarge-discuss] Fw: About Sotiris's kick-off for Mission Statement

HelpRe-sent in more readable format:

Sotiris -

Your opening sentences for a mission statement - I think 
they give too central a position to ICANN.

The issue of representation within ICANN is ONE possibility, 
and ONE function of a much wider mission, IMHO.

If we give ICANN a central role in our mission, we may 
become marginal to THEIR agenda, because it sort of implies 
that we exist in relationship to them.

I agree with much of your wording - well drafted - but I think it 
needs to come lower down a list of statements - so we give 
centre stage to broader and independent goals, and clearly 
indicate that our relationship to ICANN is only one of many 
aspects of our existence and mission.

The key and central issue (as I see it) is the democratic right of 
millions and millions of users to determine the way the internet 
operates and is run. That issue stands alone, whether ICANN 
exists or not. And we can draw many more people into our 
movement if we broaden its appeal and popularise our message. 
ICANN is a sub-issue which may one day become a non-issue.

But thanks for some nice clear drafting (and yes, I better submit 
some drafting too...!)