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[atlarge-discuss] Fw: Very useful comments of Bruce Young

HelpRe-sent in more readable format:

I find myself in great agreement with many of Bruce Young's 
recent comments.

Firstly, I think his 'signature' is excellent and well-focussed:

"Support democratic control of the Internet!
Go to http:// etc ... and Join Icannatlarge.com."

Excellent. A focussed slogan, showing the populist breadth of 
the initiative that we need. The guy's a natural with words. Make 
him Head of Marketing!

Such a slogan can be referenced (narrowly) to ICANN...
but can also be referenced (worldwide) to a mass-movement.

Secondly, I totally support his comment about the incestuous 
relationship of ICANN and the Registries, Registrars and other 
commercial entities: "Why should commercial entities (like 
Registrars etc) deserve special consideration?"

I entirely agree with this - they are minority interests, who stand to 
gain from executive power in ICANN, and who therefore should 
have none. Given the demonstrable conflict of interests commercial 
groups like these are the last people who should be granted 
executive powers or positions. The Internet should remain free, and 
should be MUCH more democratically administered, by the millions 
upon millions of ordinary internet users who use it and develop it day 
to day.

It is THESE users, in their millions, who we should seek to involve 
and represent. THAT should be at the heart of our Agenda and our 
Mission Statement.