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RE: [atlarge-discuss] Membership Lists, Thomas Roessler, distance from ICANN

Richard Henderson wrote:

>This leads me to request further details about Thomas Roessler, who I
believe is administering our mailing lists for us.

I don't know the man personally, he being half a world away!  But his
thoughts in the ALSC forum, even if I disagreed with them from time to time,
have always been well-reasoned and honest, as far as I can see.  Most
importantly, he has been a regular voice here, and was one of the very first
to join our ranks when we began self-organizing (he even beat *me* to the
punch!).  So I consider him a "fellow traveler."

More importantly, as long as he is willing to host this list, and doesn't
edit the contents or ban individuals from participating, I say give him our
thanks and take his gift to us and use it!

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon
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