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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Trying to broaden a Mission Statement

A mission statement should be an outline for the founding protocol.

So there must be hard questions asked;

To what extent are we open?
To what extent are we closed?
Why do we really exist? (no I do not mean that existentially)

How may we do the most good?

And to get to all of these we must care as to who gives a damn.

Surfing the net is a great term if you actually surf.  This morning at 5:30 am I was crushed by a
wave. I got in way to far and over my head and the wave taught me a lesson.  Funny but they just
closed that beach due to pollution. Runoff and therefor oil and bacteria. "I capture a spark of
its brilliance and its grand anarchy"

We must be careful not to draw plans so controlling that it stifles growth and our controlled
Whether I am surfing or skiing or accidentally falling from a perfectly good plane or stern
firsting through a major Colorado River Rapid or dying of cancer we maintain a control factor.
That my friends is a mission statement.  Only enough to control ongoing disaster. Never restrain
creativity and ability for the sake of a rule.


Richard Henderson wrote:

> HelpThoughts on Mission Statement:
> We are a non-profit organisation, open to people all over the world, which seeks to
> promote the fair and free use and administration of the Internet, as a means to
> freedom, justice, development, commerce, communication, and personal interests.
> We believe that the Internet is a priceless worldwide resource which should be
> administered to benefit all peoples, regardless of wealth, social status or gender.
> To this end, we believe that the ordinary people of the world - including both the
> millions of end-users and also those millions without online access as yet - should be
> fully represented in the processes of Internet Governance.
> As part of our mission we believe that the Internet must be subjected to democratic
> oversight, rather than the vested interests of big business or powerful regional
> governments, favoured groups or political entities.
> We aim to provide a platform to give a voice, and representation, for people all over
> the world who wish to use the Internet and explore its implications for a wide range
> of issues including: oppressive regimes and restricted access to the internet; freedom
> of speech; issues of poverty and development; commerce and intellectual property
> issues; issues of justice, charity work, and the Internet's role in these; consumer issues,
> with particular reference to internet processes; and the governance and administration
> of the Internet itself.
> In conclusion, we aim to support the needs and rights of all to internet access, and to
> ensure that the use and administration of the Internet is enabling, rather than prejudicial
> or detrimental. The Internet belongs to the world and to the millions of ordinary people
> who use it day to day, develop it, learn from it, share on it, co-operate, communicate -
> and belongs equally to the millions beyond who are our future internet users or
> beneficiaries. We, the ordinary users of the Internet, have an overwhelming right to
> determine its development. These are our slogans:
> * * * * * * * * * * * * *
> Appendix (one of what could be several):
> Participation in Internet Governance.
> We aim to achieve the representation of the worldwide internet public in the processes
> of internet governance, firstly by creating a platform for the expression and
> representation of viewpoints; and secondly by insisting on our right to participate in
> ICANN (the body authorised by the US DoC to administer the technical structures
> of the internet) and to be fully represented in it at decision-making level.
> We believe that elected representatives of the worldwide public should have a
> controlling influence in the governance and administration of the internet, including
> those key areas currently administered by ICANN.
> To this end, we are presently involved in ICANN's organisation of an "At Large"
> structure, but remain a separate and independent entity with a free voice. We support
> the election of ordinary internet users as Board Members in ICANN and press for this
> principle to be adopted.
> Meanwhile we will also participate in other public forums and lobby both inside and
> outside ICANN to get a significant user representation in all processes of Internet
> governance. It is the right of the people - worldwide - to be represented in the control
> and development of what is essentially THEIR resource : a resource for all peoples,
> with the potential to influence so many lives and benefit so many people.
> The moral case is so strong that we will fight for its fulfilment : the fulfilment of a vision
> of one world, represented at user level and individual level, sharing together and
> communicating together, an internet truly for the people and run by the people.
> That is our case.
> * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
> Regards
> Richard Henderson

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