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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Trying to broaden a Mission Statement

At 01:26 a.m. 27/05/2002 +0100, Richard Henderson wrote:
>HelpThoughts on Mission Statement:

Thanks very much for kicking this off on the public list, Richard.

This would be a preamble.

>We are a non-profit organisation, open to people all over the world, which 
>seeks to
>promote the fair and free use and administration of the Internet, as a 
>means to
>freedom, justice, development, commerce, communication, and personal 

Followed by Statement of belief.

>We believe that the Internet is a priceless worldwide resource which 
>should be
>administered to benefit all peoples, regardless of wealth, social status 
>or gender.
>To this end, we believe that the ordinary people of the world - including 
>both the
>millions of end-users and also those millions without online access as yet 
>- should be
>fully represented in the processes of Internet Governance.

Here comes part of the Mission.

>As part of our mission we believe that the Internet must be subjected to 
>oversight, rather than the vested interests of big business or powerful 
>governments, favoured groups or political entities.

[comment: instead of "the Internet" say "those parts of the Internet 
architecture that can be subjected to centralized control"]

>We aim to provide a platform to give a voice, and representation,

[the real Mission: to provide a mechanism for representation via regular 
elections and referenda]
[giving a voice is not good enough--ICANN does that now]

>for people all over
>the world who wish to use the Internet and explore its implications for a 
>wide range
>of issues including: oppressive regimes and restricted access to the 
>internet; freedom
>of speech; issues of poverty and development; commerce and intellectual 
>issues; issues of justice, charity work, and the Internet's role in these; 
>consumer issues,
>with particular reference to internet processes; and the governance and 
>of the Internet itself.

Perhaps better not to name so many sample issues in particular. Issues will 
change over time. Some may be grist for the mill of detractors. Prefer to 
keep it simple.
Make mention of ICANN "or other governance bodies, global authorities or 
structures" in the mission statement articles themselves.

>In conclusion, we aim to support the needs and rights of all to internet 
>access, and to
>ensure that the use and administration of the Internet is enabling, rather 
>than prejudicial
>or detrimental. The Internet belongs to the world and to the millions of 
>ordinary people
>who use it day to day, develop it, learn from it, share on it, co-operate, 
>communicate -
>and belongs equally to the millions beyond who are our future internet 
>users or
>beneficiaries. We, the ordinary users of the Internet, have an 
>overwhelming right to
>determine its development. These are our slogans:
How about "YOU ARE the Internet"  ?

I share the spirit of this, but I would be  more comfortable with a more 
focused and terse mission statement.

Again, my thanks for starting it off.

>* * * * * * * * * * * * *
>Appendix (one of what could be several):
>Participation in Internet Governance.
>We aim to achieve the representation of the worldwide internet public in 
>the processes
>of internet governance, firstly by creating a platform for the expression and
>representation of viewpoints; and secondly by insisting on our right to 
>participate in
>ICANN (the body authorised by the US DoC to administer the technical 
>of the internet) and to be fully represented in it at decision-making level.
>We believe that elected representatives of the worldwide public should have a
>controlling influence in the governance and administration of the 
>internet, including
>those key areas currently administered by ICANN.
>To this end, we are presently involved in ICANN's organisation of an "At 
>structure, but remain a separate and independent entity with a free voice. 
>We support
>the election of ordinary internet users as Board Members in ICANN and 
>press for this
>principle to be adopted.
>Meanwhile we will also participate in other public forums and lobby both 
>inside and
>outside ICANN to get a significant user representation in all processes of 
>governance. It is the right of the people - worldwide - to be represented 
>in the control
>and development of what is essentially THEIR resource : a resource for all 
>with the potential to influence so many lives and benefit so many people.
>The moral case is so strong that we will fight for its fulfilment : the 
>fulfilment of a vision
>of one world, represented at user level and individual level, sharing 
>together and
>communicating together, an internet truly for the people and run by the 
>That is our case.
>* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
>Richard Henderson


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